Gallagher logo files

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Colour formats

Every screen and printer will reproduce colours slightly differently. By standardizing the colours, different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colors match as closely as possible. The colour specification is a guide only. The CMYK and RGB breakdown is not a literal translation of the Pantone colour. There can be very drastic differences in color when you choose a Pantone color and then print as four-color process (CMYK).

We recommend that you always compare an official Pantone swatch to a CMYK proof, before committing to a print run, so all parties will be aware of possible color shifts.

GALLAGHER LogoSpecification Pantone

Gallagher Red
CMYK = 0/100/100/0
RGB = 218/37/29

  • PANTONE - Can be reproduced in economical spot color printing. Also known as Spot colour or PMS.
  • CMYK - C (cyan) M (magenta) Y (yellow) and K (black). Suitable for photocopiers, off set printing.
  • RGB - R (red) G (green) B (blue) colors. Used in electronic formats such as a computer screen.
  • Black / white - Grayscale is suitable for grayscale or black and white photocopying and faxing.

File formats

Which file format you use, will depend on what you are using it for.

  • .jpg 
    (PIXEL) Not editable or scalable. 
    Use for: Powerpoint, MS Word
    Suitable for viewing on screen and fixed resolution printing, if the file is scaled up it will start to loose its quality.
    .jpg file formats are made from pixels, (dots/pixels per inch) the more dots/pixles per inch (DPI/PPI) the better the qualitiy for a file. 
    300dpi is commonly used for printing, and 72dpi is commonly used for the internet. Our .jpgs are supplied at 300dpi.
  • .png 
    (PIXEL) Not editable or scalable.
    Use for: Website
    This file format is simlar to a .jpg file, however it also has a transparet background. 
  • .pdf 
    (SHAPE) Editable and scalable.
    Use for: Printing, Signwriting, Monogramming
    Perfect for printing, signwriting, monogramming.
    Our logos saved to this format, are made up of shapes (not pixels) so that this ile is can can be scaled indefinitely with out loosing quality.